International Midwives Day Celebrated By Bio Oil

By | June 11, 2013

international midwives day logoBio-Oil is once more celebrating the global Day of the Midwife by providing nurses and New Zealand midwives the chance to seize a $4000 specialist development offer.

Testament to her loyalty and fire to Speak, she is the receiver of-the Solutions to Midwifery Award for 2013 in her DHB area. Like Bio-Oil, nurses and midwives recognise the importance of proper post-natal care as a member of the change from being pregnant to being a mum. Midwives and nursing staff play a critical function in supplying new mothers with the clinical and psychological support they need caesarean births and following normal, with obvious benefits to the physical and psychological recuperation of both the mom and infant.

Jan Klausen, the recipient, used the grant to help set up ChAT (Childbirth After Thoughts) service. She says of her honour:

Bio-Oil is repeating their Bio-Oil Post Natal Care Grant, which was initially started in 2010, to help nurses and midwives in progression of post-natal care practice.

With a emphasis, focused on the creation of post-natal practice in New Zealand, the recipient will get $ 4000 to learning and class – linked expenses.

“I work with girls who have scars on-the “inside” due to Arrival Stress endured during their delivery and post natally. Thanks to this product my service Ch.A.T (Childbirth After Ideas) is helping girls here in order to treat these scars and move on after processing their injury. I think having a company like Bio-Oil believe in your idea really did give me the confidence to carry on and now the service is part of our DHB culture.”

From now, New Zealand registered nurses and midwives can use by submitting a 500 word (or less) paper how they’d utilise the grant. Entries close 5.00 pm on Friday, 9 August 2013 with the winner announcement early September.

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