Bio-Oil is Given SHA Approval

By | August 5, 2013

skin health alliance logoBio-oil is the newest beauty and skincare oil to have experienced a thorough examination by Skin Health Alliance to obtain their highly-sought after certification.

Currently a favourite with women all over the world, this popular oil used for for enhancing the look of scars, stretch-marks and irregular complexion is now able to exhibit the ‘dermatologically accredited’ symbol to reassure customers that Bio-Oil has been independently confirmed by industry experts as being a brand name which takes their research very seriously and encourages healthier skin.

The Skin Health Alliance (SHA) certification is an impartial guarantee that a product has satisfied a group of skin security demands which aren’t set by producer or manufacturer, and that are arranged by the foremost dermatologists in the world as well as skin researchers. The SHA (Skin Health Alliance) scientific committee who reviewed the research on Bio-Oil agreed the analysis performed as well as the trials performed into Bio-Oil fulfilled and occasionally exceeded the required criteria needed for this renowned honour.

Bio-Oil is becoming a household product, used by a large number of men and women throughout the planet for stretch-marks, scars, aging skin, dried skin, and irregular skin tone.

Julie Lardieg, Bio-Oil Brand Manager stated, “We are pleased to have been given this certification. The SHA symbol is really a fantastic invention for assisting users to identify goods that are made to a high-standard and have been tested for security and has claims which are predicated on evidence. We’ll really be proud to get it related with Bio-oil.”

The Bio-Oil formulation mixes a number of the very significant skin care ingredients in it’s formulation, these contain vitamin A and E with , Lavender, Rosemary, Calendula and Chamomile oils, as well as PurCellin Oil (which is exclusive to Bio Oil), to make sure these ingredients can be readily-taken in by your skin. PurCellin Oil works by reducing the stickiness and viscosity of the oil to produce a “dry” lotion that’s non-oily.

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