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The Latest news and updates regarding Bio Oil and similar products

Bio Oil Launching Thank You Campaign

Is there someone you know who when beyond what was expected of them or has inspired you or given you support when you needed it most? Bio Oil have recently launched a campaign where you can nominate someone to receive a free gift with an attached message to say thank you. Head over to Bio […]

Bio-Oil is Given SHA Approval

Bio-oil is the newest beauty and skincare oil to have experienced a thorough examination by Skin Health Alliance to obtain their highly-sought after certification. Currently a favourite with women all over the world, this popular oil used for for enhancing the look of scars, stretch-marks and irregular complexion is now able to exhibit the ‘dermatologically […]

International Midwives Day Celebrated By Bio Oil

Bio-Oil is once more celebrating the global Day of the Midwife by providing nurses and New Zealand midwives the chance to seize a $4000 specialist development offer. Testament to her loyalty and fire to Speak, she is the receiver of-the Solutions to Midwifery Award for 2013 in her DHB area. Like Bio-Oil, nurses and midwives […]