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By | July 9, 2014

Bio-Oil’s corporate social responsibility programme focuses on identifying and supporting causes that are aligned to the company’s product offering, have sustainable models and offer an opportunity for the employees to play an active role. Below are two initiatives where the benefits of Bio-Oil are being used as part of the programme.

The Red Cross War Memorial Children’s Hospital

The Red Cross War Memorial Children’s Hospital in Cape Town is the only specialist hospital dedicated exclusively to children in sub-Saharan Africa. The Burns Unit admits over 1000 patients a year, with 80% being younger than six, and 98% coming from disadvantaged communities all over South Africa and in some cases the rest of Africa.

As part of Bio-Oil’s Corporate Social Responsibility programme, the company donates product to the Children’s Hospital Trust, the fundraising arm of the Red Cross Children’s Hospital, who in turn give each child discharged from the burns unit a bottle of Bio-Oil as a ‘parting gift’ as they return home.

Massage with tissue oils can help with reducing the appearance of scars following burns injuries and it can also be of great use in providing relief from post-burn itch. This condition makes the skin excessively dry and leads to intolerable itchiness. For children, it means they scratch incessantly, to the point where they scratch off their bandages or, worse still, the newly-formed skin underneath. Massage helps alleviate the dryness and itchiness, making the children less agitated and able to sleep restfully.

Another important benefit observed through the use of massage has been the positive effect that the calming action has on the parent-child relationship. Children recovering from burn injuries often suffer psychologically and can feel scared, unloved and alone. Similarly, parents are often not sure how to relate to their children and the use of massage helps to provide a platform for them to engage physically, going a long way towards helping to re-establish the emotional connection.

To find out more about the work done at the Red Cross War Memorial Children’s Hospital, visit

Look Good… Feel Better

“Look Good…Feel Better” is an initiative spear-headed by the global cosmetics industry. This worldwide programme is centered around teaching beauty techniques and providing cosmetics to cancer sufferers through free workshops, to help them overcome the appearance-related side effects of cancer treatment and help restore their sense of self-image.

Cancer patients often develop very sensitive skin as a result of chemotherapy and radiation treatment, necessitating a change in skincare routine and the avoidance of certain products. Bio-Oil’s soothing properties, together with its vitamins and natural herbal extracts, help to alleviate the skin’s dryness and enhance the condition of the patient’s skin.

As a part of Bio-Oil’s CSR campaign, the company donates product to this initiative, which is included in ‘goodie bags’ given to patients as they leave the beauty workshop sessions that are held through a network of hospitals and oncology clinics.

To find out more about the work being done by Look Good…Feel Better, visit

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