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Information on the product and the company that produces it.

Bio Oil: Social Responsibility

Bio-Oil’s corporate social responsibility programme focuses on identifying and supporting causes that are aligned to the company’s product offering, have sustainable models and offer an opportunity for the employees to play an active role. Below are two initiatives where the benefits of Bio-Oil are being used as part of the programme. The Red Cross War […]

Bio Oil Pregnancy Stretch Mark Study

The Bio-Oil pregnancy stretch mark study was conducted on a selection of pregnant women who were all required to apply Bio-Oil consistently throughout their pregnancies. The aim of the study was to ascertain Bio-Oil’s efficacy in helping to prevent the formation of pregnancy stretch marks, as well as to garner personal feedback on the usability […]

Bio Oil and the Environment

Union-Swiss (the makers of Bio Oil) strives to provide safe conditions for employees and to minimize the impact of its activities on the environment. To achieve this objective, the company is committed to: selecting top-quality raw materials that are environmentally-friendly, reducing energy consumption, and adopting manufacturing processes that are safe and efficient. Raw materials Certificates […]

Bio Oil Manufacture

Bio-Oil’s global production is centralized in Johannesburg, South Africa, in a Medicines Control Council (MCC) approved facility. Although Bio-Oil is not a pharmaceutical product, and manufacturing to these stringent standards is not required by law, these strict production guidelines help ensure that Bio-Oil is of a consistently high quality. Bio-Ol is manufactured in a temperature […]