Which Stretch Mark Creams Actually Work

By | June 17, 2014

stretchmarkcreamI am lucky enough to have not gotten any on my tummy but legs, boobs and butt are just horrible! I know they say there are creams like Bio Oil to make them go away, but what ones (if any) actually work? I’ve been putting that Palmer’s Cocoa Butter on to help prevent more, but what can make them go away? And if nothing, do they eventually fade? I’ve had some before on my legs and boobs when I was maturing, and the ones on my legs faded, will these ones to? Any advice would be awesome!

So far I haven’t found anything that really works.

And believe me… I’ve tried PLENTY. But they do fade in time. The cocoa butter should help prevent more. I did hear somewhere that sunbathing can help fade them faster… but I’m not sure. If you find anything that works, let me know! Good luck!

Nothing takes them away, it is stretched skin. They will fade with time and mederma or any scar cream helps them fade faster. I hated how I looked, but now I am use to it, you will be too in time.

I went to the dermatologist after I had my baby in October 2012 to talk about stretch marks. I had 2 stretch marks on by belly and some on my boobs. She said to keep them moisturized and in time they will fade. Now, a year later, the ones on my stomach are completely gone.. not even a trace of them.. and the ones on my boobs are almost gone and not noticeable at all.

As far as the sunbathing, her advice was to stay out of the sun or tanning bed until they fade.

  1. The sun and tanning beds dry out your skin, delaying the process.
  2. The skin cells which are stretched have lost their pigment and will not tan as quickly as the rest of your skin

So if you sunbathe they could stay white while the rest of your skin gets darker and thus, they will be more noticeable. I am not an expert, that is just what i was told… and it Really worked for me! Hope this helps and good luck

My son is 4 years old and my stretch marks haven’t faded anywhere I am 40 pounds lighter than I was when I had him and the smaller I get the worse they get. I only have them on my stomach but it is like a ring of fire around my belly button and I keep it moisturized and massage them with dove soap in the shower 5 years later they’re still there I don’t think they ever go away!

Bio Oil

I am having similar problem with the ones on my stomach have tried everything even scar creams but I haven’t found one to work if you do let me know


Its expensive (over £60 a tube) but it works! With me having twins I was bound to get them. I was stretch mark free until I was 34 weeks and the boys were born at 37 weeks. And only at 34 weeks I only saw 1 on each leg. It wasn’t until after I had given birth that I actually got them on my stomach. Now at 6 months post-partum you can barely see any on me. Now the only thing I need to do is tighten my stomach.

I like to share pictures of how my stomach was and is now. Also if you go to [url removed] you can see that there are people out there with far worse ones then you. This is my belly at 37 weeks. 3 days before the boys were born. My belly 3 weeks post-partum. My belly at 2 months post partum. And here is my belly now after 6 months. The only thing I don’t like is above my belly button. It ended up really weird.But I would take a stomach full of stretch marks for my babies any day.

I didn’t start to get any until about 2 weeks ago when I hit 34 weeks.I thought I was a lucky one until now. I have been using palmer since day one but I still have them now. I only have about 5 on my stomach. I know it could be worse but I really hate how they look. Palmer’s doesn’t make them go away I don’t know anything that does. I think I’m going to take these other ladies advice and try Bio Oil and see how that works.

Try Bio Oil

With my first son I gained a lot of weight and didn’t start out big so I have them everywhere! but do not fear they do fade. Especially if you get a tan. So far there are no creams that work, but someone told me to try Bio Oil. I am currently pregnant, but as soon as he is born I’m trying it.

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