What’s The Best Product For Stretch Marks?

By | August 13, 2013

d_silhouette_EinsteinHave any of you found anything that works on stretch marks? I used lotion like everything said, and that worked for my first, but this last time they are bad and I used the same lotion. I had heard about Bio Oil, anyone tried it, or have another suggestion?

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19 thoughts on “What’s The Best Product For Stretch Marks?

  1. the_don

    For my 1st pregnancy, I used cocoa butter religiously, and got stretch marks.

    For my 2nd, I used bio oil along with cocoa butter, and got them EVEN worse!

    Honestly, it comes down to genes. Some women are predisposed to get them more than others.

    Good news is, they fade drastically as years pass until they’re hardly even noticeable!

  2. michelle127

    okay so this is probably going to sound really silly. but it worked for me…go to walmart or well anyplace really…buy the liquid vitamin e and apply it to your stretch marks like twice a day. it really helps them fade and keep from gettin as bad.

  3. rebecca

    I didn’t use any lotion and I didn’t get any stretch marks. All 3 of my friends used coco butter or some other type of lotion that’s suppose to help you not get them… Well they got them BAD.

  4. bambalam

    Hello.. with my first daughter i didnt get any stretch marks i used johnson vitamin e baby gel ..i like bathed in it… my second daughter i barley got just like 1.. i really liked the johnsons baby gel aloe vera and i would mix it with a good thick lotion also !!just put some lotion in your hand & some gel and wala! hope this helps

  5. debi

    I did the same thing.. didn’t try to bio oil though. I gained 75 lbs with my first and about 45 with my second. SO most of mine are from my first but i did get a coupl more with the second one. I do believe that it is in your genes and honestly IMO if you are going to get them no amount of lotion or oil or cream is going to stop you and if you used the lotion and didnt get them maybe you just weren’t going to to begin with lol who knows BUT they do get lighter just never completely go away. Mine are still pretty dark i want to work on losing wt and firming up my belly more than i am concerned about my stretch marks now though. I hate them with a passion but i accept them now. i have them from my boobs to my knees so i kinda have to. If you do find something that works for making them lighter faster let me know though. I don’t think anything takes them totally away good luck!

  6. glenbg

    I agree completely! I have a friend who didn’t get one, and I got a bunch. I’ve used the Bio oil, it’s ok, but anything that’s really deep, you’d have to use a really expensive oil to see any difference. And mostly only celebs can afford that. They fade, just remember not to tan them!

  7. splorange

    but what do you do when they are deep…. I gained 50lbs with my DD and wow I am covered. My sister calls them claw marks… she jokes that when i went into the hospital to have DD I got mauled by a Tiger… They are deep not purple no colored just deep and about 1 inch wide and I bathed in coco products; oils and lotions!

  8. queenb

    I have them sooo bad. i get grossed out eberytime. i have them everywhere. iw ont wear shorts. or ever show my stomach. if i find something ill let u know. but i tried everything. i had 3 babies and under 3 years. so i havnt gave mine a chance to try to heal. im going to the gym now nad im started to tone up so it just sucks i wont be bale to wear shorts and show off my

  9. weft

    Well, I used a large tub of Queen Helene Cocoa Butter (clear tub with brown lid at wal-mart on the aisle with all of the lotions) and globbed it on religiously 4-5 times everyday and I have almost no stretch marks, BUT my sisters both used Palmer’s and wound up with horrible stretch marks everywhere. BUT I have a friend that has had 3 children and she used Preparation H CREAM (not the ointment) and she has NONE. So, I tried using it on what stretchmarks I do have and they have faded to the place where they are not readily noticeable. So, I plan to use that with the next one. Good luck!

  10. emily

    I occasionally put lotion on while pregnant but just becuase my skin was dry and I didn’t even do it that often. I didn’t get any stretch marks except 1 on my butt cheek lol. The one on my butt wasn’t even that bad and has since faded away. I have always read that nothing will prevent you from getting stretch marks because its all upto your body and determined by the elasticity of your skin as well as the amount of weight you gain. I was underweight (just always been super petite) when I got pregnant so my doctor told me to gain 35lbs instead of 25lbs. I have a super hard time gaining weight so I had to drink ensure for weight gain everyday but in the end I gained exactly 35lbs. Now I heard of a lot of people trying different things to help them fade faster stuff like the same stuff you’d use to fade a scar.

  11. rebecca

    I have alot of stretch and its sooo ugly i hate it. Even if I have alot from my 1st pregnancy . will they fade if i use the vitamin e stuff? That would be great if they would fade cause i hate it.

  12. tarap

    okay……here’s the lowdown!! no matter what anyone says……..YOU ARE GENETICALLY PREDISPOSITIONED TO EITHER GET STRETCH MARKS OR NOT……….. it is all in your genetic makeup. It depends on your skintype and elasticity. Topical products put on your skin just soften it and make it appear less drastic. And to all the girls who say they used something and did not get any well, consider yourself blessed with nice skin and thank your Mommas! Drinking tons of water will help you with skin elasticity because if you are dehydrated, so is your skin, and dry things do not stretch, they crack! Hormones also play a part in your skin condition.

  13. yello

    Thanks for the advice, its just weird because my two older sisters didn’t get any, and my mom doesn’t have any (after like 14 pregnancies) but my younger sister has them even worse then I do. I also got more with my second baby, after I was already all stretched out and didn’t gain nearly as much weight with her as I did with my first, almost 80 with my first and only forty with my second and now I have all kinds.

    But thank you for your advice, and I will become a guinea pig for you all and let you know;-)

  14. aniT

    I got horrible stretchmarks all over my stomach during my pregnancy. It may sound crazy but I used a combination of the MK Targeted Action Toning Lotion and their MK TimeWise Age Fighting Eye Cream. It completely took away that dark almost purple colour and tightened the area to remove the depth and appearance of the marks. I would recommend this combination to anyone who has suffered from stretch marks. My mom even started doing it 25 years after she got her stretchmarks and it worked. Life changing! If you send me your email in a personal message I can give you more information on how it works and also links to discounts on the products. Everyone should try it! 🙂

  15. ollli

    It truly is genetic. With my 1st pregnancy I got some on the very bottom of my abdomen by my vajayjay and some on my gigantic 38e boobs. this pregnancy I haven’t had any new ones.

  16. pinkkitten21

    I may have to agree with you…my mom didn’t get any and i only got like 1 or 2 on my butt cheek but, no one else can see them…they’re pretty much clear….but, i also agree with the water thing…i know this is weird but, i craved water and i drank im not kiddng probably 2 jugs a day!! i wanted it all the time, so maybe that had something to do with it!

  17. simplyhottubs

    It is very true that stretch marks are genetic. I poured on lotion like a psychopath … and I have them EVERYWHERE. There is nothing you can do to actually “prevent” them … BUT lotion does help keep your skin soft and moist, which can help keep them from getting as bad as they might be if you didn’t use it.

    Now, I know better than to look for products that will make them disappear … but I have used a couple products that have reduced their appearance by A LOT.

    My favorite is Malibu Tan Bronzing Moisturizing Hemp lotion. It’s about $6 at WalMart, and I use it every day. I know a lot of people say you shouldn’t tan your stretch marks, but it’s honestly worked better than any other product I’ve tried. I love the stuff.

    I also love Nivea’s My Silhouette. That stuff not only helped reduce their appearance, but it also helped smooth them out, and it smells awesome. I was getting it at WalMart for about £12. I might end up starting that again if WalMart makes my tanning lotion a seasonal item.

    A product I really want to try is Mederma for stretch marks. I have used the regular Mederma on scars, and it actually works pretty good, so I’m curious to see how the different formula will affect stretch marks. I just have to find some. I looked at WalMart and had no luck.

  18. DB

    I know this isn’t the best advice but its the only thing that worked for me….

    Ok so I have 4 kids and the first one I got stretchmarks and with the others nothing really changed what the first had already done. I was really small and only gained 20lbs with my last 3 kids and lost it right away. I noticed my skin had lost the elasticity too. and with all my working out and pilates i couldn’t lose the loose skin on my bottom tummy and with the stretchmarks which I hated they were so bad I couldn’t wear low cut jeans, a bikini or anything belly bearing. I tried every cream seriously, lotions, expensive ordered creams for 100 + a bottle and even did chemical peels and NOTHING they looked the same. I was getting really annoyed and so I went to a plastic surgeon, I know this is a big thing to do but I had a tummy tuck and the doctor cut like all my stretchmarks off and pulled my skin tighter it was about 4,000 BUT i swear it was worth it for me and how I feel about myself and I spent probably 1,000 on creams that never did a thing anyway. The recovery was about a week on pain meds and taking it easy and like 3 weeks till I could stand straight and lift anything. I used money from our tax return and it helped me to feel sooooo much better with myself. Ill post a pic of me about 4 months post op. you can see the darker pigmentation around my navel that where it was cut and re positioned and now your can barely see anything at all.

  19. fion4

    Agreed. I gained about 60lbs with DD and used the best lotions and oils and got stretch marks…I gained 20lbs with DS and smothered the stuff on again and got them worse. Its all about your skin and your genetics…period. However I have used the bio oil since I had DD in 2006 and it has really helped to fade the marks.

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