This stuff really works

By | June 13, 2013

Reddit AlienSo I decided to try bio-oil, i got it at cvs for 11.99. I actually works! i have an entire stomach full of stretch marks from 2 pregnancies. it has actually lightened them and make them more smooth in a few days! I know nothing can make them disappear but this stuff is definitely making them less noticeable! Also, I used it on my face and it helped with the redness of some old acne scars. and I haven’t  broke out from it! yay I’m so happy just though I’d share!

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16 thoughts on “This stuff really works

  1. emily

    Cool I will have to buy some.. its worth the £10 if it doesn’t work I think… because if it DOES, well.. its $10! My friend Joe is from Scotland and there they use Bio-Oil for everything. acne, stretch marks, scars, she loves it but I wanted more opinions before I committed to it!

  2. debi

    I hope it works for yall too! as far as seeing results as someones mentioned ive only used it a few days so its not a dramatic difference i dont know how well you could tell in a pic yet, but i will definately post a before and after pic if a week or so if it continues to work. 🙂

  3. weft

    I saw this advertised on TV-I will definitely try it now-I have some stretch marks and some acne scars-It’s worth a shot. Does it go on greasy?

  4. michelle127

    no its not greasy at all! it sinks in almost as soon as your done rubbin it in.

  5. debi

    I bought some on friday and started using it right away. I have already started seeing results! so has my dh!

  6. rebecca

    thanks, I have to try this I didnt think there was anyhting in mybudget for this, but there is! IM so excited cant wait to begin using it, thanks again!

  7. clare

    I’m so happy to hear about this stuff! I am currently trying the generic version of StriVectin (I couldn’t bring myself to pay £100 for something that may not even work!). If it doesn’t work, I will definitely be trying the BioOil. Thanks!

  8. fion4

    I just bought some today and am excited to see some results… I have stretch marks so bad on my stomach.

    Everyone keep posting your progress.

  9. yello

    I was going to buy it a while back but the ladyat the drugstore store said it won’t work. But I think I will give it a try. I have only few stretch marks on the sideof my hips but I would LOVE to get rid of them. Thanks for the recommendation.

  10. michelle127

    my strech marks are getting better still, my my face has broken out a bit. i break out often so i dont know if its from the bio oil or not. but my acne scars are gettin better so i think ill still use it on my face.

  11. glenbg

    I dont have many stretch marks but i def have redness and my fiancee has stretch marks and he can use it too. he has them pretty bad. he gained some weight after we got and now he doesnt like to swim during the summer. thats awesome. thanks for sharing!

  12. jamiems

    It is working good on the ones around my belly button, but not so much on the ones on my thighs. It’s weird though because the ones on my thighs are darker red/purple and they’re not as indented so I wonder if maybe they are spider veins? The ones on my stomach are the typical stretch marks, though. It’s more expensive than the BioOil, but if the BioOil doesn’t work for you I would definitely recommend this stuff.

  13. kat

    I need to go get it so that i can try it..and i will also try it on my face because i have some scares from acne..thanks for telling us about it! But do u think that i should put it on my face if my skin is sensitive?

  14. laure

    I have heard that olive oil works for stretch marks and even prevents them? I dont know cause I really only got them on the underside of my boobs and wasnt too worried about them there.

  15. ollli

    do you have really really bad acne pron skin though?things that say they won’t make me break ot do badly i have some of it but i haven’t’ gotten past the smell to be able to use it , do you massage it in lik eit says or let it soak?

  16. the_don

    omg god i love the arbonne rejuvenating cream! I had really really dry skin on my face a couple weeks after i gave birth, I mean my face was just peeling away. I used this one day, morning and night and after that one day my face was completely different! i was so happy! its a little expensive to use on my stretchmarks because I have them all over, my stomach, my butt, my boobs, down my legs really bad from my inner thigh to inner knees, and my love handles. i hate stretchmarks! But I might have to splurge if arbonne works for that too

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