Bio Oil, Cocoa Butter or Avon Firming Cream?

By | June 10, 2013

d_silhouette_Maggie_SimpsonSo, pregnancy destroyed my stomach. It kinda looks like I was attacked by Wolverine or something – the stretch marks are disgusting. But I figured since my birthday is coming up, I could ask my parents for some kind of stretch mark reducing cream.

I’ve heard a lot of good things about Bio Oil, Cocoa Butter and the Avon firming/stretch mark cream. I’m wondering if anybody has tried any of these products, or something different, and what your results were. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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7 thoughts on “Bio Oil, Cocoa Butter or Avon Firming Cream?

  1. jamiems

    I use save my skin by pure romance. I haven’t gotten any new stretch marks this pregnancy, and will be using it in full force after. I heard bio oil is good too.

  2. michelle127

    I use something called Mustela. I got it a baby store and used it the whole time I was pregnant and never had even one stretch mark appear. My mother used it also and it helped to seriously reduce the stretchmarks she had from when she had me.

  3. bambalam

    I have been using Avon stretch mark removal! OMG it has done wonders for me (I don’t sell Avon)…lol….The stretch marks don’t go away but they lighten up and you cannot notice them!! You have to use it religiously and does work. Before I bought it I went to and read all the reviews and they are all positive so check it out! Good luck!

  4. anne71

    Stretch Marks are genetics, so if you’re going to get them you’re going to get them regardless of what you use and once you have them, you have them nothing except for laser surgery is going to make them disappear, they lighten naturally over time and the creams may help progress that along but doesn’t really do much in terms of helping them.

  5. debi

    I used Bio Oil and I can barely see mine anymore. The Avon cream worked well, too. 🙂

  6. glenbg

    I like MEDERMA you have to use it a few times a day, it worked great on my acne scars and my stretchmarks, they fade in time also.

  7. emily

    I use bio oil I suggested it to my sister to use before her wedding so she could wear a 2 peice bathing suit on her honeymoon and it worked for her too!

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