Stretch Mark Creams

By | August 18, 2013

stretchmarkcream2Has anyone ever used anything that really helped fade their stretch marks? I’m looking into buying this product called TriLastin SR, but I want to hear from someone who’s used it. Any info would be appreciated, about this product or anything else!

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6 thoughts on “Stretch Mark Creams

  1. anne71

    My friend used it and it didn’t work, just a very, very slight improvement. She used it for 6 months. I only have very light stretch marks on the back of my legs, but they are red, so I have been using Mederma and it is working for me. It’s cheaper then Trilastin or Srivectin too. Give it a try.

  2. queenb

    Ok, thanks for letting me know! What exactly is the mederma doing? Does it fade the color or make them smaller/ less noticeable?

  3. fionab

    I have been using Bio Oil for almost a month now and it’s amazing. Not only have I noticed my stretch marks lightening, but I haven’t seen any new ones appear since I started using it! I am 6 months preggo and my belly is getting pretty big, but I haven’t seen any new ones popping up 🙂

  4. tarap

    You know, this was so long ago, but I found one online called Barmon Cream ( that did wonders. There is also another one I used, called Straiea (I think I spelled that last one wrong).

    They didn’t go completely away, but they faded so much that no one could see them unless they were looking way too close anyway.

  5. glenbg

    I’m using the AVON stretch mark cream.. my whole belly was covered in stretch marks now i only have a tiny bit around my belly button and ive been using it for 3 months i think!! i love it except i use it double the times a day it says to i wasnt seeing improvements with twice a day lol.. now all i need to do is get rid of the saggy skin and ill be happy lmao

  6. hannah78

    I used Tummy Honey (bought it off the internet). I bought the butter for while I was pregnant and it was REALLY greasy so I stopped using that and bought the ST Ives with collagen elastin. I only got like 2 colored stretchmarks and one was on my tummy and it was dark purple and 3 inches long so I bought the cream by Tummy Honey and it worked GREAT!!!

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