Serious question about stretch marks

By | July 2, 2013

stretch-marks-1I was wondering is there any way to ex-foliate your skin where you have stretch marks so that you can lighten them up better? Like is there any way to get the top layer of dead skin removed so that you would have fresh skin so that you can put like a stretch mark cream or Bio Oil on the stretch marks so that it may heal better. I guess its almost like giving yourself a facial I’m assuming. really don’t know how to explain really.

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8 thoughts on “Serious question about stretch marks

  1. lazyluluuk

    Good luck with that! I haven’t found anything that really works. I bought some Dermarest and it did help to lighten them up a lot. But they are still very noticeable because mine are so deep. SO if yours aren’t deep it may help a lot.

  2. rebecca

    Mine are deep. i hate them cause their all over my stomach. if i took a pic they would look like a tan color. i hope theres other solutions out there that will help. i was thinking about laser treatment but its so exspensive.

  3. glenbg

    I don’t have any so I can’t say this has been tested and true but I hear a lot of women that say unrefined shea butter is promising

  4. jamiems

    I have horrible stretchmarks, I mean horrible, my tummy is just like a wrinkle. i hate it, but really the drs and everyone I’ve talked to has told me there is nothing you can really do. its stretched skin. uv rays help, like going out in the sun, not the tanning bed but the sun. they will lighten my oldest is 5 and my stretchmarks have faded tremadasly, i was using the palmers skin firming lotion with the cocoa butter bar soap and i feel that it helped, but yea to get rid of them for good-ain’t gonna happen unless you get laser surgery, sorry

  5. rebecca

    I just atleast want to lighten them up a bit. But i do tan and it does seem like they got darker. But right now im still using the bio-oil, but have given up already. either laser surgery or a tummy tuck will get rid of them.

  6. michelle127

    There is a cream but it’s like 80 to 90 pounds. My doc gave it to me after my stretch marks where pastthe pink and purple stage. when you use it you can not go in the sun where it is applied. I really can’t remember what the name is but it’s an acid and it works but lots of money. I used it for a while but i couldn’t keep it up plus the skin was saggy too so untill i get a tummy tuck it isn’t worth it. They say that gets rid of them too. 5,000 dallars around here ouch.

  7. anne71

    I used Mederma and it seemed to work on my scare until i started going to the tanning bed. I have also heard vitamin e oil.

  8. the_don

    Yes ex-foliating does help! I know it sounds crazy but i used the generic apricot scub on my tummy and made my strtchmarks not look as harsh.

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