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Got a question to ask about Bio Oil? Or maybe you would like to share your experiences. Here we have a growing number of questions and answers regarding this popular skincare oil.

Bio-Oil & Cocoa Cutter Cream

Do you think itsĀ ok to use bio-oil with Palmers cocoa butter cream to reduce the appearance of stretch marks? I have read lot of good things about both products but would using them at the same time be better than just using one?

Is Bio Oil Any Good? Is it Sage To Use?

Anyone tried it? Did it reduce the appearance of your stretch marks at all? Tried anything else that works? I have heard good things about it’s effectiveness but also some people say they would never use it.

Has anyone tried mederma or bio oil?

I don’t have stretch marks but I do have what you called a “pregnant line” and I was wondering if any of these items work. If you have tried both of them, which do you think is better and why?