Has anyone tried mederma or bio oil?

By | May 27, 2013

d_silhouette_Princess_LeiaI don’t have stretch marks but I do have what you called a “pregnant line” and I was wondering if any of these items work. If you have tried both of them, which do you think is better and why?

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13 thoughts on “Has anyone tried mederma or bio oil?

  1. Catwalkgirlx

    Do you mean that line from the belly button down to your pubic line?

    why would you use anything on that it goes away after you have a baby.

    its mostly hormonal so I doubt anything will make it go away till you have the baby

  2. bambalam

    Im using Bio Oil throughout this pregnancy and it works great for me. My skin feels firmer after I apply it and it smells really good. 🙂 Not sure about the pregnancy line though!

  3. anne71

    The line goes away after a few months by it’s self but i do use bio iol for my strech marks and it really is working

  4. DB

    I had my child four 1/2 years ago (lol) it still hasn’t gone away.

  5. jamiems

    What is Bio Oil and where do I get it I never got stretch marks on my tummy but I did get a few on my thighs Id like to try this stuff is it super expensive?

  6. debi

    It is not expensive. The small bottle is about £10 and the larger one is about £15. You can get it at CVS and Walmart. I love Bio Oil. It made my stretch marks fade.

  7. anne71

    I bought mine at CVS.. I tried looking for it at Wal Mart, but they didn’t have any. I paid £15 for the small bottle. Its fairly expensive but worth every penny!!

  8. emily

    if you have super dry skin, eucerin makes an oil body wash, its oil that lathers, and its a wonderful cheap product

  9. kat

    i used mederma it didnt help. Bio oil ive never used but have heard it works wonders.

  10. hannah78

    Ok i know this isn’t the same but, last year my son tripped over a rock and scraped his little face on the sidewalk. It cause him to have a scar on his nose, forehead, and upper lip. I went to wal mart to buy the kids Maderma and asked the pharmacist if it worked and he said that Vitamin E oil is better.

  11. the_don

    I have to agree. Over the summer, my daughter got stitches in her eyebrow after running into a sharp corner of the wall at her friend’s. I initially tried Merderma after the stitches were out, and it only made it more purple, we’ve been using Vit E and it’s fading very nicely. I think Merderma dries it out too much.

  12. rebecca

    to anyone who has use or want to use bio oil or any other kind of miracle stretch mark treatment nothing will ever make stretch marks go away . Bio oil and other simply get rid of the darkening that looks purple and speeds the progression to the white pearlized stage of the mark. This is also referred to as fading. The skin will never bounce back to normal and a mark will always be visible. If you read into these things you’ll fine most this say they help the ” appearance” of stretch marks not completely makes them go away.

    Like I said in my original post the mark you have is hormone related and it could take up to a year for it to go away . Darker ethnicities can take longer. If you went to a dermatologist about it they would suggest laser treatment of bleaching cream as a cheaper alternative.

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