Bio-Oil & Cocoa Cutter Cream

By | May 31, 2013

d_silhouette_pigtailsDo you think its ok to use bio-oil with Palmers cocoa butter cream to reduce the appearance of stretch marks? I have read lot of good things about both products but would using them at the same time be better than just using one?

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5 thoughts on “Bio-Oil & Cocoa Cutter Cream

  1. hannah09

    I’ve used it alone for about a month and I’ve seen huge results. I’m not sure about mixing the two it might work but like I said I’ve just used the bio-oil alone. I use it twice during the day then I use a firming moisturizer at night.

  2. laure

    I don’t know about mixing them together but it alone is great, I use it on my face and clears up my blemishes but I never used them on my stretch marks

  3. kat

    well i talked to a pharmaist at walmart and she said it would be fine. so im going to try it.

  4. yello

    Bio Oil cleared your blemishes? hmm, i need to try that now.. I have very sensitive skin, but bad acne that i just cant get rid of..

  5. jamiems

    didnt it make your face have a oily feeling? i wear makeup too, so i dont know if i want to try it on my face.

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