Acne: I have no clue how to treat it

By | June 12, 2013

d_silhouette_RabbitSo my 13 year old is having break outs. I’ve been very blessed in my life to never have a pimple in my 38 years. The downside is that I’ve no clue what to do. I bought some acne fave wash and an acne toner. It’s not helping.

I always hear about that Proactive stuff and bio oil – any recommendations are greatly appreciated.

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12 thoughts on “Acne: I have no clue how to treat it

  1. the_don

    That is a good product but you MUST stay on top of it. I just wash my face every other day with clearisil and then the other days use witch hazel. It drives me nuts to still have break outs but hey for me its part of life but they dont happen often. GL

  2. glenbg

    My thirteen year old son had it bad. We tried lots of stuff, finally we got clinique acne bar, and the light moisturizer. Acne treatments can be extra drying and accelerate the problem, so be sure and get him a moisturizer also. Gl

  3. hannah78

    The AcneFree brand works great and it’s very similar to proactive and its a three part acne treatment with cleanser, toner and repairing lotion… It works wonders, I have been using it for years and my younger brother also uses it and it has gotten rid of all our acne.

  4. laure

    I’m a skin care specialist and Proactive (or anything similar to it) is extremely bad for your skin. It will actually callus your top layer of skin making it rough and kinda like well… Rubber. I have seen this many times in my line of work. I would just go with a well known brand like Bio-oil that is meant for the skin type your child has. Most store bought brands make your skin conditions worse underneath, they may appear to be working on the top layer but they are really wreaking havoc. Hope this helps.

  5. fion4

    I’m familiar with the Dermalogical brand but not the other. Are they only available at a derm’s office? You stated store bought brands are bad (I have *heard* that before but didn’t know if it was true).

  6. weft

    I know the Dermalogica is available at Ulta, not sure where else. The Tu’el brand is what I use and it works amazing on me and my family. Not sure where it’s sold at. You could maybe try their website to see if they have any retailer info.

  7. kat

    My teenage son had bad acne for awhile & we tried everything we could afford OTC & even Rx….nothing seemed to work so the Dermatologist put him on Accutane & within 6 months he was back to a completely clear complexion with no scars or anything ……it was so bad that he would stay home from school & not socialize much…I am so glad we did it…it worked for his father 25+ years ago & worked for my son…I know the reported side effects are not the greatest, but when nothing else works it was a godsend

  8. clareB

    I’m 37 and still have problems with acne:( I’m going to read all the comments so I can get some advice too.

  9. Countessuk1

    I always used a castile soap bar and raw shea butter mixed with honey for my kids acne. They have beautiful skin.

  10. branflake

    Well personally i’m a craze fanatic about skincare since i can remember. But recently i was told that some produts in store only dries the skin and makes the acne on your face gets worst. Most of the procuts is made out of alchohol base. You should definantly try micabeauty produts it’s great for adults and teens.. All natural but i’m so glad i tried it kids love it!! You should too goodluck!

  11. yello

    I use Cetaphil antibacterial bar soap and Sulfate lotion from the dermatologist every day and night. And a little benzoyl peroxide for spot treatments to dry it out.

    Also shampoos can make it worse especially smoothing types.

    And change the pillowcase daily if possible. Best if they are white so you can bleach them a little and dont add fabric softener it can make the acne worse.

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