Bio Oil Frequently Asked Questions

faqWhere can I buy Bio Oil from in the UK?

It is available from a number of high street and online stores and pharmacies such as Boots, Chemist Direct, Lloyds Pharmacy, Asda, Amazon and Pharmcy2U.

How should it be applied?

It is recommended that you massage it into your skin (body or face) in a circular motion until it has been absorbed fully. Apply it twice per day for at least 12 weeks to see noticeable results. Never apply it to broken skin or open wounds. Only apply to scars once the surface has healed fully.

How does it work?

The ingredients include many vitamins and natural plant oils (which have been used for many years to improve skin condition). These ingredients you will find in many skin care oils and lotions, so what makes this product unique and so effective? PurCellin oil. This makes the other ingredients (the plant oils and vitamins) more easily absorbed by the body.

How long can I keep it on the shelf?

Store it in normal condition and it will not expire within thirty months.

Will it improve dry skin?

Yes. Apply it twice daily and Bio Oil will supplement your skin’s natural oils which may have been lost through the effects of air conditioning and central heating, weather conditions, bathing, contact with chemicals infused water. Using this product will also reduce the rate at which moisture is lost from your skin.

Can I buy it as a cream?

No. The only form that it comes in is as an oil. Creams allow oxygen to reduce the strength of the contained vitamins over time. Oil is a much better form of storage long term so the effect of apply it will be powerful whenever you need to use it.

Will it reduce the appearance of scars?

Yes. The appearance of both new and old scars can can be improved by using this product though new scars will fare better. Only apply the oil once the scar on the surface is fully healed. It can effectively reduce the appearance of scars from:

  • burns
  • surgery
  • insect bites
  • acne
  • accidents
  • scratches
  • chickenpox

How soon can I apply it of a newly formed scar?

Once the scar is fully healed it is safe to apply Bio Oil. If the skin is still broken do not apply (as a cosmetic product containing fragrances it is not sterile). It is recommended that you use the oil twice per day for at least 3 months to achieve the best results.

Is it effective at reducing the appearance of or preventing stretch marks?

The appearance of all types of existing stretch marks can be improved with this product. It will be more effective on newer stretch marks but the appearance of older ones will also be reduced with prolonged use.

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