Stretch Marks, Growing Old & Other Ramblings

By | February 3, 2014

oldI won’t share my age with you, not because I’m embarrassed or anything but because it realy has nothing to to with what I have written here. Nevertheless, I never thought I’d get old in my younger days – I was just something I never thought about. Even after having my first child, I really believed that my stretchmarks would disappear and everything would simply shrink back to how it was before without the use of products like Bio Oil etc. Yes, I know that was pretty ignorant.

I don’t mind becoming old

The reality is I don’t mind becoming old. I really don’t mind the gray hairs. I don’t mind the crows feet or laugh lines. I don’t mind the stretchmarks particularly now I use Bio Oil. I don’t mind that however tough I strive my tummy will eternally be a banner waving in the swimming pool; or like they continue to have definition mainly because of the ASTOUNDING things bras that my boobs just seem can perform now. I am not eighteen any longer, I have taking these matters. I only mind simply because I am married and my hubby works closely with women who think they’re going to a catwalk fashion show.

Don’t be frightened to grow older

The Holy Bible states we should not to be frightened to grow older, but to adopt it and adore it. With age comes wisdom etc. The Christian Bible also says that gray hairs really are an indication of intelligence. Which seems wonderful whenever your are praising Jesus in church, but if you get home and understand that harsh lighting actually emphasizes those light colored hairs, nicely subsequently it is “Lord, I am simply masking this intelligence using a jar of Ferier so that all the hairs will fit. You understand I Am a bit OCD regarding these matters.”

That is when the silly ideas come surging back if you ask me. I’m fat. I’m unattractive. Needless to say he would prefer that compared to myself since naturally my entire value consists of my attractiveness…or absence there of, yes? Most of these notions are damaging. We are cut by them girls right to the swift. We do it to our-self. It is one of these minutes…that we have at the very least three times per day…when we’ve got to quit and ask God to take those ideas from us, and show to us our authentic selves. There’s also something else to recall, as well as for that, it’s narrative time.

A story

I got a pal. In line with the standard of the world she is just not appealing. She’s merely a hair over 5 feet tall and about 220lbs….great thing we’re doing anonymity here otherwise she had KILL me for posting her weight. But, hereis the kicker, she has got a lot more men arranged to sign her dancing card then anybody else I know. Guies fall over one another to get her number, meet her and be the first to call. And also the motive? Because she’s intelligent, amusing and does not play games. This Girl says exactly what she means and means what she says, and men like this. She’s got a lovely style.

I understand I am aware, we’ve all heard it before…”Saying there is a lovely style is some thing simply nasty folks say,”. Well imagine my surprise when I was set in my own spot, surprisingly, by my husband about that topic. We had been out one time and stopped in to his work to get his pay check. There was a wonderful girl that greeted us in the back, came, and went about her company. This woman was so lovely that even I stared to get a minute in amazement as the florescent light looked to waterfall off her beautiful figure, awesome hair, perfect teeth, and perfect face…which by this second I wasn’t to flawlessly hit. Because we were at my partner’s work but I kept my cool. I did not inquire who she was or anything…mostly since I didn’t need him to see that I was DEFINITELY envious that God made her look like and trust me God heard the prayer within my head that told him so the whole time we had been in the place.

But we got out to the automobile and my husband said “I was so happy to get out of there, I cannot bear that girl” and therefore I asked him why. And that is what he said in my experience: This is certainly one of those instants where mad stepped in, and my thoughts instantly determined that whatever he said next would decide if I were going to jail that day or not…hey y’all girls emotions aren’t something to toy with. Anyway….

“She is smokin’ hot, you saw her. But she is among those women that is like an 8 but believes she is a 20. And then she opens her mouth and ignorant simply pours out. She promptly loses from an 8 to a 1. I cannot stand ignorant. I don’t care how pretty you are, if you’re also into yourself and ignorant which makes you unattractive…” wait for it, literally held my breath as of this point.

I’ve found that when the Bible said a guy and his wife were 1, God meant that literally. When I pray for my husband it’s as if I’m praying for myself. It’s possible to pray to God all you need on your neighbour to avoid playing their loud music at 2AM, but we all have the right to decide on and God isn’t going to “make” anyone do anything. So that’s not what I am talking about. However, what I do mean, is the mindset. I am able to pray for my husband’s ideas as I’d pray for my own, and God will hear them as if they came from my husband. Because we are 1. Therefore I like to pray that my husband will become repulsive to him, and that she’s going to see every defect, every snare.

“That is the reason why I am happy I found you. Because now I get to get sensible dialogue while I stare at your pretty face,”. And he wasn’t simply blowing smoke either…many men I’ve talked to have said precisely the same thing.

Those girls!

But then you have THOSE girls. The girls that appear to have to entire bundle as well as their only defect is they don’t care your husband is married to YOU PERSONALLY. We could all really see them from a mile away. Our husbands are absolutely clueless along with the more we strive to tell them the more mad we seem. So it’s all great and great that we’re intelligent and humorous girls as well as our husbands like this…but what occurs when a better looking clone of ourselves walks in with the 18 year old body and nothing to lose?

Acceptance is wanted by men. The truth is, they want it more than girls do. Rather than only is it a want, but it’s a simple need to get a man…it’s like oxygen. The difference? It must come in another sort. Girls desire to be cuddled, wined, dined, told they don’t appear fat even though they’re WELL AWARE that they do. That wasn’t wanted all by men. They need actual edification and reverence. They wish to learn their occupation isn’t a given, that can it be is something to be commended. And they don’t need to talk about it plus when they have experienced a poor day, they really DON’T wish to discuss this. They don’t desire to listen to the things they have to do…because for a guy all he hears is what he DIDN’T do and that in turn makes him a failure.

But then I pray for me and what could I do to ensure that there’s not desire for him to need another person. When I started to pray that I found something amazing about guies. Yes we should do our best to seem great for our husbands, remain clean and fresh and do things for him…like do not be idle in the bedroom, ask him what he needs for a change, don’t be frightened to take the high road. All that holds true. But what God revealed me had greater impact.

He doesn’t aspire to be nagged about taking out the garbage…trust me he heard you the very first time. Because he does not do things on YOUR OWN time table simply doesn’t mean he’s an inconsiderate jerk. My husband works nights and I’ve learned that if I say “Hey do you mind taking out the garbage” and he says yes…that means, yes at 3am when I get home, maybe 4am if I decide to view television when I get home. And guess what happens? That’s okay.

Pet peeves

Certainly one of my largest pet peeves with my husband is the fact that we’re constantly late. And not becasue he’s a primper. Oh no. It’s a Sunday morning, we’ve got to leave in 20 minutes. I’ve eventually become successful in waking my husband up. He understands he just has 20 minutes. My husband is a smoker and I’m okay with that, but really means 5 -10 because you’ll need a smoking and where the next smoke isn’t coming for AT LEAST 2 hours a smoke WILL NOT be NOT rushed by you on a morning when you’re a smoker 20 minutes. What exactly does my husband do? He sits up in the bed together with his shoes and clothing right next to him and turns on Sports Center. 10 minutes afterwards, he puts on his socks, trousers plus one shoe. He dresses the remaining way on another advertisement. And then steps outside to get a smoke. From the time that smoking is completed, children were in the auto and we’re all set. And while viewing Sports Center my husband walks BACK to the home and brushes his teeth. The deodorant in his hand until another THEN and advertisement sets it on holds. And now he’s prepared to go. If traffic is terrible and we my pals are 15 minutes delayed to church, 20.

Now, I used to get SO angry at him. I had attempt to hurry him along. Occasionally I had take a tone, solicit my foot, or the truly mean move to make…send in the 3 year old daughter who I understand he can’t resist speaking to tell him it is the right time to go. And also you understand what all that did? Frustrate the bageebies out of me, because he didn’t budge. Everything remained the same. Can you start to see the topic with my husband yet? The harder I try to do things MYSELF, the most discovered my husband will be to NOT get it done. I’m a very punctual man and I hate feeling hurried and that I hate walking in late.

You are likely to imagine what happened… I got put in my own area again. I eventually simply lost it one day. Because we are not keeping MY time table I used to be so frustrated, plus our son would be performing on stage that morning and needed to be on time. And I cried, “Why are you simply sitting there?! We must go!”

All he needed was for me to see him and accept him as he was. He didn’t want to be shouted at, he wished to be commended for working SO hard, and getting up on little to no slumber to attend church along with his family. That is some thing that’s praise worthy, and worthy of reverence. It’s in those minutes that people should be stressed if he’s looking at other girls, not when we’re looking our worst.

And frankly he didn’t absolutely have to say anything whatsoever, that appearance was enough. But he did talk, and when he did his voice was haggered, low, and broken up “I work nights. I get significantly less than 4 hours of slumber church days. I am sitting here because I feel like I’m likely to fall over,”. I had been so consumed with my time table and what I believed matters must be like, that I cannot even see the guy I loved more than anything was exhausted. Now we’re merely the family which is constantly delayed to church, also I’m totally okay with that.

That day my acceptance was needed by my husband. He wanted me to cheer him on in his race. And when you do this, he fails to see stretchmarks or the not-so perky boobs or the rear fat – maybe the Bio Oil is working. He sees his helper doing her job, and that has more worth to him than some silly girl. God revealed me through my very own stupidity and selfishness, that if he ever did determine to cheat on it could be due to my insufficient regard and being pushy; NOT since I got old and had children.

I won’t ever forget being 16 and seeing my grandpa gazing at my grandma like she was a playmate. When I inquired him after all that time how he was still in a position to examine her like she was 18 again, he said in my experience “I don’t look at her that way due to her physical appearance. I look at her that way because when I see her I am flooded with memories of all times she stuck with me and did not have to”

Now it’s a fact that some men cheat on not matter exactly what the wife does. That was my first husband. And I’m just now discovering that my first husband didn’t cheat on me because of me. He did it because of his own problems and too little self control. My value is not wrapped up in my own beauty, it cannot be because everyone gets old. Attractiveness is fading.

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