Preventing Stretch Marks During Pregnancy

By | March 24, 2014

pregnantOver forty percent of women say that their stretch marks are are caused by pregnancy a recent survey revealed. In the survey conducted by Bio Oil around 15% said that they felt self concious about having these marks highlighting the fact that for many women they are a major concern.

Why do we get them during pregnancy?

The increase in size is just too rapid for your skin to adapt. Normally our skin can cope with slow or small changes in size but when there is a large change which occurs quite swiftly then these marks develop.

When they first appear they they will be quite pink which will change to a reddish purple by will eventually fade to white. They may also be quite itch at first and the skin surrounding them may look thin and flattened. Over time the will get bigger but less noticeable.

Can I prevent them?

There is no sure way of preventing stretchmarks but you can reduce the likelihood of them appearing or their size and number by taking some simple steps during pregnancy. At this time it is important to help you skin cope with the expanding area it needs to cover by increasing its elasticity. This can be done by keeping you skin supple and well hydrated throughout the course of your pregnancy.

Keep Active

Although you may not feel like it, particularly in the latter half of your term but doing exercise will increase your circulation. This had a number of positive benefits including lessening the chance of swollen ankles and varicose veins but it also improves your skins ability to stretch without damaging itself.

Vitamins B,C & E

Certain vitamins help improve skin elasticity by increasing collagen production so eating food rich in these vitamins will help reduce the chance and severity of stretch marks. All the following vitamins  and minerals will improve your skin health enabling it to cope better with the any increase in size:

  • Vitamin B2 & B3 is found in fish, meats, eggs and dairy products.
  • Vitamin C is found in fruit and vegetables (specifically citrus fruits, broccoli and tomatoes)
  • Zinc can be found i9n red meats, dairy products nuts and beans.

bio-oil-10 Bio Oil

If you have the internal side covered (diet and circulation) applying Bio Oil to your skin also help with your skins elasticity. It has been specifically formulated for this very purpose. Start applying it from the beginning of you second trimester onwards and it will hydrate your skin keeping it supple and more able to stretch without the marks.

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