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A Quick Review

I’ve heard lots of raves about “Bio-oil” and the ton of uses it offers beginning with treating dried-out skin problems to combating stretch-marks and reducing the appearance of scars. The people at Bio-oil not long ago sent a sample to me to test out, so here is a quick review. Bio Oil also promises to […]

On Acne-prone Skin

I have acne-prone, combination skin that I’ve managed to calm down over the past few months, but had left me with post-pimple scars and pigmentation. I searched through the net for a product that can help me with my problem and stumbled upon Bio-Oil. I decided to buy it and I tried it the same […]

My experience with Bio Oil

Since I’m reading so many negative reviews about Bio Oil, I felt I needed to write a review about my experience with this product. I have been buying this stuff for a few years at this point. I buy it for a number of reasons, but the first and primary reason Is that it has […]

Bio Oil Performance At Removing Acne

I’ve been using Bio-oil on my face for two months. Here’s a breakdown of its performance: It didn’t fade any hyper-pigmentation from past breakouts I used it twice a day everyday after cleansing and it never once irritated my skin or caused a single spot/pimple/bump It is oil (duh!) so it takes AT LEAST 5 […]

Bio Oil for getting rid of stretch marks

I absolutely love this product! I bought it about two months ago from a recommendation from a friend of mine who recommended it to help with a scar on my little brother, he also told me that not only did it work for scars it worked for stretch marks too. I bought two of the […]

Bio-Oil To Remove Scarring After Mole Removal

After having a mole on my back removed, I bought this at the doctor’s recommendation, who told me either to buy this OR the Nivea cream in the tiny blue tin, to help with the scar. She said both the Bio Oil and the Nivea work exactly the same in helping the scar heal, and […]

My First Impressions Of Bio-Oil

I bought this in a “what the hell I’ve tried everything else” moment. I have acne prone skin on my face, neck chest and back, and relatively normal to dry skin on the rest of my body. My skin is also quite pale and the most relatively minor of blemishes (small spot, scratch etc.) can […]

A Bio-Oil Review

Have you been contemplating using Bio Oil for stretch marks? Bio-Oil is a topical skincare oil which could help enhance the look of scars, aging skin, stretch marks and irregular skin tone. There are many on-line reviews of Bio Oil, most favourable along with the medical studies. Bio Oil first appeared in the UK in […]