My First Impressions Of Bio-Oil

By | June 22, 2013

bio-oil-07I bought this in a “what the hell I’ve tried everything else” moment. I have acne prone skin on my face, neck chest and back, and relatively normal to dry skin on the rest of my body. My skin is also quite pale and the most relatively minor of blemishes (small spot, scratch etc.) can leave me with red marks for quite a long time.

On top of this my skin is quite sensitive so I try to use as few and as most natural products as I can get away with. I have adopted this as a full body moisturiser and an evening facial moisturiser and have been doing this for about a week.

Effects on my skin

My initial conclusion is that this does not give me spots! This is in itself is enough reason for me to recommend it 🙂 Secondly, in the mornings after using it the night before my skin feels dry, not in a bad way, but in a “doesn’t feel like an oil slick” way. I don’t know what the science is, but it does seem like the bio-oil can help with oil production. Additionally, the tone of my skin seems to have improved and seems ‘brighter’ although this may just be what my skin looks like when it’s not oily 🙂 On my whole body, I can’t say it has stopped my spots, I have had a few while using it, but no more than I would normally get.

on the specific areas there does seem to be an improvement

At the moment it just seems to be a good moisturiser, however as some other reviewers have noted, I have noticed a difference with the bumpy skin on the tops of my arms, I hadn’t even thought to check until I read the other reviews, but there is definitely an improvement. I can’t comment how this product would work on serious scarring and stretch marks, but on the specific areas I have targeted there does seem to be an improvement. For example I had a red raised bump/acne spot between my breasts which seemed to have taken up permanent residence and this has definitely become flatter and less red.

For application I would suggest using little and building up, if you use too much you just get greasy, whereas with the right amount you immediately absorb, if you feel greasy, you used too much. I will review again after the recommended 3 months, I can’t say this is a miracle but it does seem to be very good and as good as many other much more expensive products (I purchased 60ml for £8.99 from Boots, and will look to get from eBay next time) that I have bought in my time.

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