How To Reduce Stretch Marks

By | February 21, 2014

Stretch marks can happen during unexpected changes in body-size, like during pregnancy or quick weight gaining situations. 9 in 10 pregnant women can get them around their thighs, hips and abdomen, and sadly, they appear to be genetic. The chances are that you simply will also, if your mother had stretch marks.

Worry not, however. There are a few things – including using Bio Oil – you can do in order to prevent these marks, along with lessening the looks of both old and new ones. Have a look at a few of these choices, recorded from easiest to most challenging to perform.

Confirmed External Treatments

2Retin-A. A study in the University of Michigan indicates that individuals who use Retin A (or a retinoic acid lotion) on new stretch marks found tremendous developments[4]. Retin A is presumed to boost collagen production, helping skin stretch out as well as prevent tears. Notice that you shouldn’t use any products including retinoic acid if you’re pregnant or nursing. It has the potential to cause birth defects in people. RetinA will not be as successful on old ones. You’ll surely require a prescription to get products like Retin A, Renova, Tazorac, and Differin (which all include retinoic acid). Limit sunlight exposure of skin that you will be treating with Retin-A. It may be more vulnerable to burning.

1Moisturizers. A study comparing herbal moisturizers discovered that folks who lotioned-upward day-to-day revealed major improvement in skin elasticity and look. Think of it this way: in case that your skin has plenty of stretching to do, it is not as prone to split and make stretch marks if it’s hydrated. Use lotion on new ones, or on regions where you are concerned about getting them as time goes by. It’s likely never as powerful as using them on fresh ones, though using lotion on old marks may nevertheless boost their look. If you’re concerned about the substances in over the counter moisturizers, make your own out of identical parts wheat germ oil, olive oil and aloe vera. Precisely the same study revealed this mixture created the very best DIY moisturizer.

Essential oils. Marks, they’re now employed as a stretch even though there has really not yet been a study how essential oils can treat home You may apply them directly onto your skin, or utilize a carrier (for example coconut oil or an unscented moisturizer) to make application easier. Below are some oils usually effective at removing these marks:

  • Lavender
  • Rose
  • Frankincense
  • Geranium
  • Helichrysum
  • Myrrh

3Glycolic acid. As making your skin more springy general, Collagen production can be increased by this acid used on stretchmarks. As an alpha-hydroxy acid (AHA), it’s in an identical family of compounds frequently found in chemical skin peels. Glycolic acid is relatively safe to put in your skin when pregnant. Take additional care to maintain skin that you will be treating with glycolic acid from the sunshine. Glycolic acid can be purchased in over the counter. For a much more extreme treatment, you can obtain a dose from an accredited dermatologist.

5Vitamin E oil. Vitamin E oil is frequently believed to function as the wonder treatment for stretch marks, though one study suggests that it’s most successful on girls that have recently been pregnant before, and is not successful in general use. Nevertheless, it can’t damage in reasonable doses. Attempt combining your Vitamin E oil having a carrier lotion, like a routine unscented moisturizer, for better coverage. Bio Oil is just another option. It’s full of vitamin E and has many other ingredients which help.

4Retin-An and glycolic acid. When used collectively, glycolic acid and Retin A can drastically enhance the look of these marks. If you decide to get this done, you may want to “prep” your skin with RetinA before utilizing a glycolic acid. Don’t use Retin-An if you’re pregnant or breastfeeding. It can result in serious birth defects. Anyway, inquire how they would indicate integrating prescription if you must find a health care provider to get a Retin A glycolic

Supplementary Treatments

7Boost your Vitamin C consumption. One dermatologist indicates that 500 milligrams of Vitamin C, taken as an oral nutritional supplement, can decrease the look of stretch marks. For even better results, try employing an external glycolic acid as well as Vitamin C.

Surgical Treatments

Get an abdominoplasty (aka tummy tuck). The sole specific solution to eliminate stretch marks is always to — you guessed it — cut them out. For those who have tried everything else and can’t stand the tiger stripes, a tummy tuck could function as ticket. Be ready for the price. In the Usa, an abdominoplasty can run between $4000 and $20,000. Know about the threats. As with any major surgery, there are life threatening complications that can occur from a tummy tuck. Intend on an extended recuperation. You’ll be able to be prepared to take 2 to 4 weeks off work, and spend 3 to 6 months before you’re completely treated. Think about a “mother makeover,” or a mixture price. Some postpartum girls get a tummy tuck, a breast lift, and liposuction all in one single process.

Laser Treatments

8Fractional laser treatment for old marksĀ  (aka laser resurfacing). For ones which might be not discoloured but are still indented, you can employ resurfacing using a “fractional” laser that concentrates on little regions. The laser is targeted at the borders of the marks, smoothing on the top of the skin. You might want as much as three fractional laser treatments; each treatment could cost around $1000. Scarring and hyperpigmentation are possible negative effects of fractional laser treatments.

Pulsed dye laser (aka vascular laser) – for new scars. A pulsed dye laser place at 585-nm was demonstrated to lessen the marks in postpartum Korean girls . This kind of cure can take down the first redness, and is best used on early marks (that haven’t yet turned silver). Be ready to hand above a lot of funds for vascular laser treatments. Three to six sessions are needed, priced around $450 each. Vascular laser treatments will never be successful for women with darker skin. Much like laser epilation, the procedure functions best when there’s a big contrast involving the target (in this scenario, the reddish marks) and also the pigment of your skin.

What Doesn’t Work

Cocoa butter hasn’t been shown to lessen stretch marks. In a double-blind study, cocoa butter wasn’t demonstrated to get some discernible impact on them. Be cautious of advertising schemes that promise otherwise.

Peptide-featuring products additionally haven’t been shown to work. “Repair” creams or serums that promise to include peptides or proteins haven’t been shown to revive skin damaged by the marks.

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