Cocoa Butter vs. Bio Oil

By | October 30, 2014


If only I was among those people with amazing skin that regardless of how far it stretched, no stretch marks would be left because of the expansion, unfortunately I am not that kind of person. Luckily for me I have a lot of experience with growing too fast, now that currently am getting bigger because I am pregnant, am in a position to know exactly what is effective and what is not. What I have discovered that has really helped me greatly is Bio Oil and Palmers’ Cocoa Butter. Which one is the most effective between the two? As it is one has to be more effective than the other. While others may have different experiences, after trying everything and being extremely choosy, here is my experience:

The Cocoa Butter vs. Bio Oil Challenge

Bio Oil

I discovered that applying this 2-3 times everyday at the 3rd month of my pregnancy till now has effectively left me without any stretch marks. I also discovered that when I applied it on parts where they were starting to form, they completely cleared away. I also discovered that my skin appeared more even toned any time I applied Bio Oil and I didn’t get breakouts, and it is amazing as I always get breakouts. I also liked the scent which was very soft, fresh and pretty! The only set back is its cost! When one is pregnant, you have to use so many bottles! I think I used 1 bottle every two weeks and as one bottle goes for £15 that is quite expensive throughout your pregnancy period, especially when you really need it! Also, it is not easy to find it! In Dubai, you will only get it at Boots Pharmacy, and when in U.S, it will be the hardest place to find! The best place to find is on the internet! Although in United Kingdom, Boots pharmacies are in every location.

Palmer’s Cocoa Butter

Cocoa butter is rich and really helps to hydrate your skin and so it does help to clear stretch marks, but it can make sensitive skin to break out! Whereby you can break out in areas such as your chest, which is not pleasant as it scars very easy! The smell of the product is appealing in general, but Palmer’s is a bit natural, and has elements such as collagen that makes it good for the skin. As much it was of great help in parts that I did not want to see any stretchmarks, I discovered that that it didn’t really help to clear freshly forming ones, which made it very hard to deal with the fresh ones that can appear on areas you wouldn’t expect in your pregnancy or when trying to keep in shape. However, Palmer’s Cocoa butter is more affordable. It goes for £6 in and in a bigger bottle, and you can use it generously each night so as to keep the skin hydrated.

And The Winner Is

So what’s the verdict? According to me, after seeing my skin become beautifully toned and free of stretch marks, the winner is Bio Oil!

Although this post may seem like it’s targeted to pregnant women, it is actually for everybody. Everyone gets these marks in one way or another in their life. Pay extra attention to your skin and this will never be your concern.

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