Bio-Oil To Remove Scarring After Mole Removal

By | June 28, 2013

bio-oil-25After having a mole on my back removed, I bought this at the doctor’s recommendation, who told me either to buy this OR the Nivea cream in the tiny blue tin, to help with the scar. She said both the Bio Oil and the Nivea work exactly the same in helping the scar heal, and that the main thing that fades the scar is the massaging of it, rather than what product you put on it.

I used the Bio Oil to massage my scar twice a day for the first few months, maybe 3-4, and then used it about once a day for the next months until I was happy with what my scar looked like.

To be fair, yes my scar went from being purple-y pink to now being almost the same colour as my skin, just a bit pinky in areas. It is still a noticeable scar though with that bumpy texture that you would expect.

In conclusion

I think the results though are not due to the Bio Oil, but to the regular massaging of the area and to the passing of time! The Bio Oil is a good medium and makes it easy to massage the scar, but so would the classic blue tin Nivea or I reckon any other thicker cream. I did appreciate that the Bio Oil did not infect my scar/wound when it was still just fresh with the stitches just taken out – but if you have an old scar, I’d just use Nivea on it instead!

As for using this on the face/ dry patches, I found this to sink into my skin a lot quicker than I expected, almost like a dry oil. It didn’t moisturise particularly well though and the smell is really strong – smells like cheap soap to me! It’d be nicer to use on the body rather than face, but it’s way too expensive for that!

I don’t hate it, but I don’t love it either – I would not repurchase unless I had a wound that was in the process of healing.

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