Bio Oil on Scarring and Stretch Marks

By | September 25, 2013

stretch-marks-3Most mums after giving birth will have some physical reminders of the incredible journey in which they have been on. Understandably after you have given birth most of the advice you receive is on how to look after the baby and not yourself. A survey has found that the majority of new mums were simply not prepared for the changes they experienced to their body and skin.

Stretch marks

The most common concern and new mums when it comes to their body is the appearance of stretchmarks. After pregnancy hormones and most skin conditions will slowly return to how they were before but these are different, in most cases you will be unable to remove them completely.

Most women are unable to remove their these marks permanently however over time they do fade from red to a much less noticeable whitish colour. You can use skincare products such as Bio Oil to speed up this process so they are noticeable for much shorter time.

It is important to remember that these marks are very common, they occur not only to pregnant women but for many other reasons also and nearly all mums have them in one form or another.


If your baby was delivered by Caesarean section the wound caused by the surgery can take many weeks to heal. After you’ve had stitches taken out you will be able to use products to keep the scarring elasticised so it’s appearance will improve over time.

Bio oil

This skincare oil is a very popular product with the mums for two reasons:

  • Many women use it during pregnancy to keep their skin supple so stretch marks are less likely to develop.
  • Many new members use it also after pregnancy to make any existing stretchmarks less noticeable.

It is a skincare oil with the formula developed to rapidly reduce the appearance of stretchmarks, scarring and any and even skin tone.

Its list of ingredients include many vitamins and minerals found in other skin care products with the ingredient which makes it different and so much more effective is called PurCellin Oil. This greatly reduces the density and viscosity of the formula to produce a much lighter and dryer oil which is increasing which your skin absorbs much more easily. applying the oil to any marks, uneven skintone or scars the three months (twice a day) will often yield great results.

You can buy Bio Oil in many high street pharmacies that you will often find it at a much lower price online where it is sold by a number of online pharmacies including

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