Bio Oil For The Face?

By | January 7, 2015

Bio-Oil-on-FaceI never new about Bio Oil until very recently, apparently it has been used for years but I can’t find any information on whether it can be used on the face. I read in the official website that it contains vitamin A which¬† I know is good for your skin.

At the moment I am using rosehip oil but I would like to know if this would be more effective at reducing wrinkles etc.

I am 32 and have very pale/fair dry skin which has a little sun damage. I have started to notice fine wrinkles around my eyes. So does anyone use Bio Oil for the face? Does it work well?

Use it over Retin A

I use it as a moisturiser applying it over retin-A and I think it works really well. I’ve been doing it for around 6 months and my facial skin looks much better for it.

Isn’t it supposed to be applied to damp skin and if so how do you apply it after the retin A? Do you re-wet it after applying the retin A?

I didn’t know my face had to be damp. I just rubbed a few drops in after the retin A had been absorbed and it works great. I don’t use water.

I have been using it on my facial skin for a while now and it’s great at hydrating my dry skin. I use it just like the RHO as in I pat it on after washing while it is still wet else it can be a bit oily.

I massage a few drops in every day and I love it.

  1. I first wet my fingers,
  2. add a few drops,
  3. massage it in

Any blemishes heal really quickly. I also use retinA but use it about an hour after using this stuff.

Beware of using mineral oils

I would not use it on my face due to the mineral content in it. There’s loads of information on the web about the dangers of applying mineral oils to your skin. Also some people break out when the do use this stuff on their facial skin.

Could someone tell me why you would put this stuff or rho on you face? What are the benefits?

  • It contains many things including vitamin A. It fades pigmentation which helps with scars and blemishes and sun damage.
  • RHO contains many antioxidants which nourishes the epidermis and helps with any sun damage.
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