Bio Oil for getting rid of stretch marks

By | July 2, 2013

bio-oil-15I absolutely love this product! I bought it about two months ago from a recommendation from a friend of mine who recommended it to help with a scar on my little brother, he also told me that not only did it work for scars it worked for stretch marks too. I bought two of the 125ml bottles (one for my brothers scars and one for me to test myself).

I’ve had stretch marks on my hips and upper thigh area since I was in the 5th grade (about 11 or 12) I’ve never had any children or anything. I’m 19 now and my stretch marks were still the same before using the Bio Oil…they were purple reddish marks on both hips going to both the sides of my lower back and down my thighs. I wish I could have taken a picture because they were pretty bad and I thought I was just always going to have to live with them because I’ve had them for 7+ years!

Needless to say I started using Bio Oil two months ago…everyday twice a day like the bottle says once after my shower in the morning and once before bed I would take some of the oil and massage it into both legs. After about two weeks I noticed that about half of my stretch marks had disappeared and now 2 months later they’re basically completely gone! I still use the oil but only once a day now just before bed just to get rid or the last two or three spots but this oil changed my body image completely! I’m so happy with it and I’m so happy I gave it a try. I just ran out of my initial bottle like yesterday so I need to make a trip to buy more.

I think this product is wonderful! Lightweight oil that disappears within minutes, great smell and it really works! I don’t mind the price at all because I know it’s going to give me results! Highly recommend for getting rid of stretch marks and evening out skin tone on the body!

Emma Burton
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