11 Alternative Uses For Bio Oil

By | December 11, 2014

biooilusesBio Oil is an amazing product you might already have in your collection of toiletries and beauty products. Most assume that it is solely for the removal of stretch marks and scars but as you will see below this is not the case. Listed here are some great alternative uses for this specialised skincare oil.

It has got celebrities such as Sienna Millar and Kim Kardashian talking about it. But this little sensation is not only for stretch marks! From vitamin E and A, Lavender, Chamomile, Rosemary and the latest ingredient in the market, PurCelin Oil, there is no beauty drama that this multi-tasking product can’t deal with.

Add it to you primer

Do you want achieve a skin that is naturally dewy and glowing? Simple, just put a few drops of Bio oil to your lotion and allow it to dissolve. Your foundation will work effortlessly and your skin will appear naturally glowing. Finally put some powder to remove any excess shine.

Removing acne scars

Susceptible to popping and now have acne marks that will not clear away? This product is a concentrated solution specifically made to clear marks from your skin. Smear directly to pimple marks to see your skin clear quickly. Just ensure that you avoid any new little blighters.

Bio Oil + moisturiser = fantastic body lotion

Just add a few drops to your moisturiser for a great all over body lotion, and achieve a silky, flawless and healthy look.

Eye cream

Is your skin below the eyes feeling a little tight and puffy? This will give your eyes a hydrating effect, and your expensive eye creams will have nothing on it.

Fix split ends

It is not only for skin, use it sparingly as a hair lotion to fix your dry ends when your daily product does not seem to give effective results.

End of  your dry skin woes

Is your face feeling a bit flaky? Feed it with the much needed drink by replenishing it with the oils it loses everyday. You will achieve a smoother and softer skin.

Use as an effective skin corrector

Bothered by skin colour change, ageing spots or uneven skintone? All you need to do is to apply this miracle formula on your face and body and a flawless skin is a guarantee.

No-nonsense anti-ageing formula

Did you know that the skin’s natural oils help it to stay young? And this product works by replacing these oils? No need to say more. Rush to the nearest beauty shop or online store and get yourself a bottle!

Oily skin treatment

Figured out yet that adding oil to oily skin is like fighting fire with fire? Well some good news, applying it works by regulating your skin’s oil production.

Relaxing bath oil

You do not need another excuse not to relax. Just put a few drops in your bath and let the soothing effects of chamomile and lavender calm you after a rough day in the office.

There is nothing better for removing scars

So you have hurt your knees, elbow and face when you fell in your stilettos during the weekend and you feel embarrassed getting out of the house with the unattractive scar. Bio-Oil is specifically designed to give scars a quick recovery so you can wear your stacked heels within no time.

This amazing product goes for £10 in a 200ml bottle and is available at all reputable supermarkets, beauty shops and online stores.

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