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Bio Oil For The Face?

I never new about Bio Oil until very recently, apparently it has been used for years but I can’t find any information on whether it can be used on the face. I read in the official website that it contains vitamin A which¬† I know is good for your skin. At the moment I am […]

11 Alternative Uses For Bio Oil

Bio Oil is an amazing product you might already have in your collection of toiletries and beauty products. Most assume that it is solely for the removal of stretch marks and scars but as you will see below this is not the case. Listed here are some great alternative uses for this specialised skincare oil. […]

Cocoa Butter vs. Bio Oil

If only I was among those people with amazing skin that regardless of how far it stretched, no stretch marks would be left because of the expansion, unfortunately I am not that kind of person. Luckily for me I have a lot of experience with growing too fast, now that currently am getting bigger because […]

Preventing Stretch Marks During Pregnancy

Over forty percent of women say that their stretch marks are are caused by pregnancy a recent survey revealed. In the survey conducted by Bio Oil around 15% said that they felt self concious about having these marks highlighting the fact that for many women they are a major concern. Why do we get them […]

How To Reduce Stretch Marks

Stretch marks can happen during unexpected changes in body-size, like during pregnancy or quick weight gaining situations. 9 in 10 pregnant women can get them around their thighs, hips and abdomen, and sadly, they appear to be genetic. The chances are that you simply will also, if your mother had stretch marks. Worry not, however. […]

Stretch Marks, Growing Old & Other Ramblings

I won’t share my age with you, not because I’m embarrassed or anything but because it realy has nothing to to with what I have written here. Nevertheless, I never thought I’d get old in my younger days – I was just something I never thought about. Even after having my first child, I really […]

The Best Price For Bio Oil?

It is a very popular product and many of you have worked out that you can find it much cheaper online and save a lot of money compared to buying it from you local pharmacy. But where online can you find the best price? If you haven’t got time to read my ramblings below here […]

Bio Oil on Scarring and Stretch Marks

Most mums after giving birth will have some physical reminders of the incredible journey in which they have been on. Understandably after you have given birth most of the advice you receive is on how to look after the baby and not yourself. A survey has found that the majority of new mums were simply […]

Accolades Awarded To Bio Oil

2013 Awards All Purpose Body Oil, Harper’s Bazaar Junior Most Loved Body Care, Singapore Best Overall Use Oil for Face and Body, RSVP, May, Ireland Best Stretch Mark Oil, U Magazine, May, Ireland Best Classic Beauty Product, CEW Awards, April, UK Best Pregnancy Beauty Product, Prima Baby & Pregnancy , UK Best for Stretch Marks, […]

Bio-Oil it is not a ‘Miracle Oil’

OK, I can see how some people might take my previous review the wrong way. So I just want to maybe rephrase things a bit and say that: it’s great if you’re using Bio-Oil and find that it moisturises your skin, and haven’t aggravated your acne/eczema. My sole purpose in posting this review is just […]